Which of these is a hazard warning line?

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You need to know the difference between the normal centre line and a hazard warning line. If there’s a hazard ahead, the markings are longer and the gaps shorter. This gives you advance warning of an unspecified hazard.


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Road markings along the road

Below are the road line markings for the centre line on a single carriageway road.

This next image shows the road markings for a lane line separating traffic travelling in the same direction (single or dual carriageway road).

And this third image shows the hazard warning line. This replaces a centre line or a lane line shown such as those shown above. In addition, an upright sign may indicate the nature of the hazard, such as a bend. This type of road marking is also used on the approach to a junction.

Hazard warning lines along the road shown as long white dashes

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