Learn your road signs

Click on a sign to view it's meaning. Once you know it, mark it complete and move on to the next. Many have an obvious meaning, but there are some tricky ones to watch out for.

Approach Junction Roundabout

Steep Hill Upwards

Park Restrict Permit Holders

Road Works

No Vehicles Carry Explosives

Available Width Head Room

Traffic Priority Over Oncoming Vehicles

Minimum Speed

Approach Junction

Keep Left

Direction Car Park

Pedestrian Crossing Tramway

Traffic Merging Left

Start Motorway

Route Sign

Other Danger


With Flow Bus Lane Ahead

Staggered Junction

Give Way

Home Zone Entry

No Vehicle Combination Length

Vehicles Permitted HOV Lane

Worded Sign Ford

Double Bend

Emergency Diversion Triangle

Back Vehicle Direction Arrow

No Towed Caravans

English Heritage

Maximum Speed

Camera Area

No Goods Vehicle Over Weight

Traffic Signals

End 20 Zone

Lane Restriction

Approach Junction (Billingual)

Picnic Site

Traffic On Carriageway Priority

Back Vehicle 450 Yards

Uneven Road

No Vehicles

Distance Humps Extend

Traffic Signals Not In Use

Loose Chippings

Appropriate Traffic Lanes Junction

No Entry Vehicular Traffic

Turn Left Ahead

Level Crossing Ahead Without Barrier

Primary Route Ring Road

No Through Road

National Speed Limit

Manually Go

With Flow Bus Cycle Lane

Advance Warning Restriction Ahead

Border At Junction

Steep Hill Downwards

Dual Carriageway Ends

Quayside Or Riverbank

At Junction

Level Crossing Minature

No U Turn

Traffic Queues

Manually Stop

Recommended Route Cycle

Contra Flow Bus Lane

Turn Left

Falling Rocks


Vehicle Pass Either Side

Road Narrow Both Sides

Motorway Service

Trams Only

Tourist Info Point

Trams Crossing Ahead

Wild Animals

Accompanied Horses

No Right Turn

Level Crossing Without Barrier Ahead

Level Crossing Ahead Barrier Or Gate

Border Toilets Disabled Access

Emergency Diversion Diamond

Ring Road Crossroads

One Way Traffic

Distance To Stop Line Ahead 50 Yards

No Buses

No Vehicle Width

School Crossing Patrol Ahead

Entrance Controlled Parking Zone

School Crossing Patrol

Red Route

Border Approach Junction Crossroads

Route Pedal Cycles Only

Lane Crossover

Emergency Diversion Square

Stop Give Way

Minimum Speed End

Junction Leading To Motorway

Back Vehicle 800 Yards

Risk Of Grounding

No Vehicles Over Height

Side Winds


Plate Below Some Signs

Risk Of Ice

Advisory Route Lorries

Entrance Congestion Zone

End Road Works

No Stopping Times

Give Priority Vehicles

Hump Bridge

Distance To Stop Line Ahead 100 Yards

Destination Leaving Motorway

Hospital A & E

Route Pedestrians

Slippery Road

No Overtaking

Two Way Traffic Crosses Road

Road Narrow

Addtional Traffic Joining Left

Bus Lane Road Junction Ahead

Two Way Traffic Ahead

Cycle Route Ahead

Route Pedal Cycles

Ahead Only

No Motor Vehicles

No Vehicles Max Gross Weight

Entry 20 Zone

Mandatory Speed Limit

Recommended Route Cycles

Junction On Bend Ahead

Lane For HOV

Camping Caravan

Overhead Electric Cables

Wild Horses

Swing Bridge

With Flow Pedal Cycle Lane

Tunnel Ahead


T Junction With Priority

Frail Pedestrians Cross Road Ahead

Parking Place Solo Motorcycles

Sharp Deviation Of Route

Road Works Ahead

Tourist Attraction

Temporary Hazard

Border Approach Junction

Mini Roundabout

Emergency Diversion Circle

Motorway Exit Countdown Markers

Get In Lane