At an incident, someone is suffering from severe burns. What should you do to help them?

A: Apply lotions to the injury
B: Burst any blisters
C: Remove anything sticking to the burns
D: Douse the burns with clean, cool water
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Your priority is to cool the burns with clean, cool water. Its coolness will help take the heat out of the burns and relieve the pain. Keep the wound doused for at least 20 minutes. If blisters appear, don’t attempt to burst them, as this could lead to infection.


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Dealing with burns

In relation to burns, the Highway Code states:

Put out any flames, taking care for your own safety. Cool the burn for at least 10 minutes with plenty of clean, cool water. Cover the burn with cling film if available. Don’t try to remove anything that’s sticking to the burn.

Find out more about managing burns from St John Ambulance or the NHS.