On which part of a motorway are amber reflective studs found?

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A: Between the hard shoulder and the carriageway
B: Between the acceleration lane and the carriageway
C: Between the central reservation and the carriageway
D: Between each pair of lanes
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On motorways, reflective studs of various colours are fixed in the road between the lanes. These help you to identify which lane you’re in when it’s dark or in poor visibility. Amber-coloured studs are found on the right-hand edge of the main carriageway, next to the central reservation.


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Where are amber reflective studs found on a motorway?

Amber reflective studs are common on UK motorways.

Rule 132 of the UK highway code relates to the use of reflective road studs with white lines and states that:

Amber studs mark the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway.

In addition to amber reflective studs, there are other coloured studs used in different ways:

  • White are for normal marking of lanes or the middle of the road
  • Red appear on the left hand side
  • Green are for the edge of the main carriageway at laybys and slip roads (The Sun reported that only a third of drivers are able to identify the colour of these particular ones)
  • And green/yellow are used to indicate temporary changes to lane layouts. For example, when there are road works
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