You’re travelling along a motorway. When are you allowed to overtake on the left?

As you approach a pelican crossing, the lights change to green. What should you do if elderly people are halfway across?

What can a loose filler cap on your diesel fuel tank cause?

What does this sign mean?

How will a heavy load on your roof rack affect your vehicle’s handling?

What should the left-hand lane of a motorway be used for?

What’s the main hazard you should be aware of when following this cyclist?

When are you allowed to use hazard warning lights?

You’re driving in a built-up area that has traffic-calming measures. What should you do when you approach a road hump?

You’re travelling on a motorway in England. You must stop when signalled to do so by which of these?

What should you do as you approach this bridge?

At an incident, someone is suffering from severe burns. What should you do to help them?

When are anti-lock brakes (ABS) most effective?

What must you do when entering roadworks where a temporary speed limit is displayed?

What makes the vehicle in the picture ‘environmentally friendly’?

You’re approaching a red traffic light. What will the signal show next?

You’re waiting at a level crossing. A train passes but the lights keep flashing. What must you do?

There are no speed-limit signs on the road. How is a 30 mph limit indicated?

Which vehicle might have to take a different course from normal at roundabouts?

Ahead of you, traffic in the left-hand lane is slowing. What should you do?

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